Should You Take A Raw Food Diet Plan Challenge?

What is a Raw Food diet plan?

Including raw foods in your daily diet will drastically improve your skin and overall health. Raw living and eating has become one of the newest healthy trends today. Several individuals have already seen some wonderful effects of the uncooked food diet on their body. Basically, a raw food diet is to include plant foods in their original form. You cannot include foods that are cooked above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, or altered from their original form by any means.

The Raw Foods claim:

Because raw food is in its original form it is packed with many essential enzymes, natural nutrients and minerals. The theory is that when food is cooked, it loses many of these valuable nutrients. Hence, the nutritional value of cooked food is comparatively lower than raw food. To attain optimal health and better fitness, eating raw food regularly is highly recommended. Researchers and nutritionists claim that a person can easily shed pounds by eating unprocessed foods every day.

The Raw Foods theory:

Many examples support the positive results of unprocessed food. Back in the prehistoric era, human beings lived on raw food. Even during the late 1800s, raw food was a staple of the daily diet. It seems that physicians back then used the uncooked food diet to help patients in curing certain digestive illness and disorders. Maximilian Bircher-Benner was the first doctor who introduced a raw diet to cure his jaundice. During his course of diet, he ate only apples and saw positive effects on his body. Today’s Raw Food diet is not quite as drastic, but is based on the same concept. The food that you will eat in a Raw Food diet shouldn’t be processed, cooked above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, irradiated, microwaved or exposed to any chemicals. A raw diet plan mainly consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and sprouted grains. Some will also include in their diet raw eggs, meat, fish and even unpasteurized dairy foods. Herbs, plant derived oils and spices is also allowed in such a food diet plan.

Because a Raw Food diet contains no preservatives or additives you will need to shop for organic produce, which is sometimes unavailable at your local grocery store. Also, “cooking” a raw foods diet can be daunting at first, until you are used to dealing with dehydrating machines and juicers. Also, because foods are unpasteurized you must be very careful to wash your produce thoroughly to avoid food poisoning.